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Resolving partition table errors

This document describes the steps involved in resolving partition table errors.

Partition table error numbers range from 100 to 199. In most cases, you must resolve partition table errors by creating new, error-free partition tables.

To resolve partition table errors

  1. Ensure the computer has no viruses.
    For information, see Partition tables and viruses.
  2. Back up the data on the affected partitions.
  3. Delete the partitions.
  4. Recreate the partitions.
  5. Restore the contents of the partitions.

You may need to use the FDISK program from a recent DOS version because earlier versions may refuse to delete HPFS or hidden partitions, and the OS/2 FDISK program may recognize thepartition's corruption and refuse to modify it.

In some cases, you can resolve partition table errors manually. Run PartitionInfo to determine the errors on your partitions. Refer to Generating diagnostic reports with PartitionInfo for additional information about PartitionInfo.


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