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Error 504: "File not found (EA3901F8)"

While using one of the following products, you see the message "Error 504: File not found (EA3901F8).

- Norton PartitionMagic
- PartitionMagic
- PartitionMagic Pro
- Drive Image
- Drive Image Pro
- DriveCopy
- ServerMagic

Do one of the following on the affected partition:

  • In Windows 9x/Me, run ScanDisk.
  • In Windows NT/2000/XP, run CHKDSK /F

For instructions on running ScanDisk, read the document Checking for disk errors using ScanDisk.
For instructions on running CHKDSK, read the document How to run Microsoft CHKDSK from the command line.

Technical Information:
The file that was specified by the program was not found in the path. The path exists but the file is not in that directory.


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