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"Error 1511: Bad restart record format (EA3905E7)"

You see the message "Error 1511: Bad restart record format (EA3905E7)" while using one of the following products:
- PartitionMagic
- PartitionMagic Pro
- Drive Image
- Drive Image Pro
- DriveCopy
- VolumeManager
- ServerMagic

To resolve the problem, upgrade your product to a version that supports Windows NT Service Pack 4. If Service Pack 4 has not been applied, run CHKDSK /F to resolve the problem. For instructions on running CHKDSK, see the document How to run CHKDSK, read How to Run Microsoft's CHKDSK from the Command Line.

Technical Information:
This error is most commonly reported after you have applied Windows NTЃ Service Pack 4 and attempted to manipulate an NTFS volume using PartitionMagic, Drive Image, or DriveCopy.


Last Modified: 29.06.2004


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