Error 117: "Partition's drive letter cannot be identified"

While manipulating a partition using a Symantec utility, you see "Error 117: Partition's drive letter cannot be identified."

Run PARTINFO to detect any partition table errors. If partition table errors are found, search the Symantec Knowledge Base for solutions to the specific errors. If no partition table errors are found, the problem may be due to a conflict that is seen only in Windows. In this case, you should run PartitionMagic from the rescue disks.

If you are trying to delete, move, or resize a partition when you receive the error message, then try hiding the partition, exiting PartitionMagic, and running PartitionMagic again after the computer restarts. At this point, you should be able to manipulate the partition as desired.

ServerMagic 4.0 or VolumeManager 2.0 on a Windows Terminal Server
If you are using ServerMagic 4.0 or VolumeManager 2.0 on a Windows Terminal Server, make sure that driver letters have not been changed prior to using the product. If the drive letters have been changed, we suggest that you do not use ServerMagic 4.0 or VolumeManager 2.0 to manipulate volumes.

Windows 95 or DOS
If Error 117 is occurring while running Windows 95 or DOS, try booting to a different version of DOS.

NTFS Partitions
If Error 117 is occurring while manipulating an NTFS partition, run PartitionMagic from the rescue disks, make the desired partition changes, and restart the computer.

Note: You may need to edit the Boot.ini file after partition changes. Build an NT Boot Disk prior to making your changes.

System Partitions
If Error 117 is being reported on the system partition, run PartitionMagic from its rescue disks or from MS-DOS. If the system partition is on a drive other than the primary drive and contains Windows NT or Windows 2000, then use a Windows NT or Windows 2000 boot floppy.

To create a Windows NT/Windows 2000 boot floppy

  1. Format a floppy disk.
  2. Copy the BOOT.INI, NTDETECT.COM, and NTLDR files to the floppy disk.

IBM DOS 7 Partitions
Error 117 is also seen, infrequently, on IBM DOS 7 partitions. In these rare cases, hide the partition and make the desired changes, and then unhide the partition.

Technical Information:
PartitionMagic must be able to find the drive letter for each partition before modifications can be made. If this is not possible, Error 117 may be reported. Usually, the reason PartitionMagic cannot find drive letters is due to one of the following conditions:
There are partition table errors.

  • A driver on your system is changing drive letters from their defaults.
  • Your partitions do not have serial numbers.
  • You are running Windows NT from a logical partition.

Last Modified: 04/18/2005


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